Australian hunters rescue naked fugitive from crocodile-infested mangrove forests

Australian hunters rescue naked fugitive from crocodile-infested mangrove forests

Cam Faust and Kevin Joyner were in a small boat laying lobster traps in East Point, a suburb of Darwin, on Sunday, when they heard someone call for help. According to CNN’s 9News.

“We heard this faint like” Ah, uh, “- (You said) to me dude” Is this guy saying help? ” “So we got a little closer and said, ‘I can see you,'” Faust told 9News.

Then the couple noticed Luke Voskresinsky, 40, who was naked and clinging to a tree. 9News reported that he had a swollen foot, a wound all over his body and was covered in mud.

Voskresinsky was wanted for allegedly violating bail in a case of armed robbery. Break free from the ankle bracelet he was watching for days earlier, according to 9News.

The two men told 9News that Voskresinsky had been living in the mangroves for four days. He begged them for water and told them he was “living on snails”.

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Voscrinsky said he was stuck after he lost his way to a New Year’s Eve party, according to 9News.

Faust and Joyner told 9News that Voskreisinski was happy to save him. They gave the fugitive a cold beer, and Fawcett offered the man his shorts.

The waterways around Darwin are known to be inhabited by crocodiles, and the East Point area is a nesting place for reptiles.

9News reported that after reaching the beach, the two men called an ambulance. Voskresinsky is arrested and is receiving treatment for exposure at the Royal Darwin Hospital.

“He is in the hospital with handcuffs and two policemen are taking care of him,” Faust told 9News.

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