Dolly Parton, Barry Gibb sings the "BJ's" lyrics: Listen

Dolly Parton, Barry Gibb sings the “BJ’s” lyrics: Listen

Before his new album Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1, Due date January 8, Barry Gibb He released another track outside of the project: Collaborate With Dolly Parton On Lyrics. ”The song was originally released as a single by The Bee Gees in 1968, and was written by Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb.

Parton begins this particularly tender version of “Words,” where the first stanza dispenses with the hope of starting a “brand new story” on the sad piano. Jeep came soon after, and he and Barton took the song to an end, with a steel guitar crying to emphasize the sentimentality of the lyrics: “It’s just words, and the lyrics are all I have to steal your heart.” The Words have been recorded or performed by a number of artists, including Elvis Presley, Glenn Campbell, Roy Orbison, and Rita Coolidge.

LP’s Dave Cobb Producer Tell Rolling rock Earlier this month, the recording of “Words” was the first session of the album. He admits that he was nervous when Dolly Parton and Barry Gibb got into the RCAA studio. “I remember walking to where I was going to play the guitar and my legs started shaking. I just recorded the weight of these two,” he says. “They are bigger than myths, they’re icons, and they’re there.”

Green meadows It also features interpretations of Bee Gees classics such as “Jive Talkin” with Miranda Lambert, ‘Foolish words’ With Jason Isbel and “Moth” With Jillian Welch and David Rawlings.

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