Ethan Hawke plays the villain opposite Oscar Isaac in the Marvel movie Moon Knight (exclusive)

Ethan Hawke plays the villain opposite Oscar Isaac in the Marvel movie Moon Knight (exclusive)

Hawk will play the main villain of the series.

Isaac leads the cult show featuring a cult Marvel character aiming to start production in March in Budapest.

Mai Kalmawi, Who is probably best known for her work on Hulu FrameworkAnd the Already on call.

Moon Knight has had many incarnations over the decades since its debut in 1975, from being a former marine turned mercenary with many changing vanities to being a delivery conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, to a well-dressed advisor recently. One aspect of the stories in the modern era of comics was the treatment of the mental illnesses of several characters.

It is unclear who will play Hooke. The Moon Knight’s archenemy is a villain named Bushman, a fellow mercenary who turned on the hero when Egyptian gold appeared in the photo.

Mohamed Diab, the Egyptian director behind Middle Eastern drama clash, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead, the independent filmmaking team behind horror and science fiction movies Endless And the synchronous, The offer is directed.

Hawke’s career began in the mid-1980s with the teen science fiction film The explorers But in over 35 years, he’s avoided the comic book movie genre. However, he did star in the genre’s business, helping to launch successful horror franchises evil And the Cleansing.

His extensive work saw him twice nominated for an Academy Award for Acting – for the year 2002 Training day And 2015 boyhood – And twice to write – for 2005 before the sun rise And 2014 Before midnight.

It is recently wrapped Northman, The Viking saga of Roberg Eggers’ revenge starring Anya-Taylor-Joy, and comes from strong notices for Good Lord BirdA historical drama he created and starred in.

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Hawke is represented by the CAA and MGMT.

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