Frame a Britney Spears documentary on air conservation

Frame a Britney Spears documentary on air conservation

Framing Britney Spears, A documentary film addressing her sponsorship, slated to be aired via FX And the Hulu On February 5th (Watch it here). It will be the sixth episode of The New York Times presents Series One Season.

For more than a decade, Spears has been under guardianship, with a judge appointing a trustee to manage the financial and personal affairs of a person who is incapable or unable to make those decisions properly on his own. Her father, James “Jimmy” Spears, was her bodyguard until the fall of 2019 when he backed down due to health problems and was replaced by a licensed bouncer.

Last year, the pop star said in a lawsuit that she wasSevere conflict“ For her father to resume his role as her guardian and supervisor of her financial affairs and property, but the guardianship is in her father’s mandate (along with The singer asked for the restoration, Bessemer Trust Financial) for at least the next month.

A growing group of supporters, who were concerned about Spears and questioned the circumstances and motives of her state, were defending the pop star under the hashtag. #FreeBritney.

According to the description of the independent documentary, “People close to Britney Spears and the attorneys associated with her mandate are now reassessing her career as her father fights in court over who should control her life.” A new short teaser from the episode discusses the pop star’s restoration, the singer’s objections to her father’s work as her guardian, and features ideas from people involved in the #FreeBritney movement.

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