Here are the winning numbers for the $ 640M Powerball Grand Prix

Here are the winning numbers for the $ 640M Powerball Grand Prix

(AP / WJW) – Lottery Players’ Second Chance to Win Big – Really Big – Comes this weekend with a $ 640 million draw for Powerball, the eighth biggest jackpot of all time.

The odds of winning (if you want to know the odds) are 1 in 292.2 million.

The New win Arsenal numbers are: 67,20,65,14,39 and Arsenal are 2.

Nobody beat the odds of winning the $ 750 million jackpot last night. What used to be the fifth-largest prize pool of all time is now estimated to grow to $ 850 million, the third-largest prize ever. Next Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday.

It has been nearly two years since the lottery prize has grown very large. Nobody won first prize for any of the game in months

Listed Grand Prize amounts refer to winners who choose an annual pension payable over 30 years. Winners always pick the cash prizes, which for Powerball will be $ 478.7 million. The estimated cash prize for the upcoming Mega Millions prize is $ 628.2 million.

good luck for everbody!

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