King Crimson's Robert Fripp and wife Toyah share a Guns N 'Roses' cover Welcome to the Woods

King Crimson’s Robert Fripp and wife Toyah share a Guns N ‘Roses’ cover Welcome to the Woods

King Crimson Founder Robert Fripp His wife, singer Toyah Wilcox, shared a cover Guns no flowers“Welcome to The Jungle” – watch it below.

The couple launched a Sunday Lunch video series last year, in which they shared songs with NirvanaAnd the David BowieAnd the Metallica And more at Willcox’s YouTube channel.

Last week (Jan 17), The duo revealed a version of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell movie. With Wilcox dressed as a cheerleader and waving pompoms while Frippe plays the guitar.

This week’s kitchen hood testifies that the pair are competing for Guns N ‘Roses’ Welcome to Junge, with Willcox performing while carrying the blue gym weights.

Willcox commented on the new video saying, “Welcome to The Jungle and welcome to a new exercise lesson with your favorite pair.”

You can see their latest cover below:

Earlier this year, Fripp and Willcox covered it AirshipBlack Dog in 1971. They also share the New Year’s message with their viewers in a separate video.

“For me in 2021, I hope there will be an inclusive, fair and compassionate society,” Freib said in this clip. How will I get my wish [is] By pegging on my guitar and swinging like a fireball you could not control the fury of rock music. “

Last October, Singer and former guitarist of King Crimson Gordon Haskell has passed away at the age of 74. Frib asked the late musician to join the band in 1970 after the departure of Greg Lake, their original vocalist.

Bill Raylene, the former King Crimson drummer, also died Last March. He was 59 years old.

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at the same time, Slash said he is optimistic that 2021 will see new releases from both Guns N ‘Roses and his band with Myles Kennedy.

Guitarist said he was recently working with guitarist Dave McCagan on material that he expects will be Guns N ‘Roses’ first new album since 2008 that delayed “Chinese Democracy”.

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