Poll: "iPhone box" debate is spreading on Twitter, what do you think?

Poll: “iPhone box” debate is spreading on Twitter, what do you think?

If you head over to the Trending section of the Twitter app today, you’ll find a funny popular topic: “iPhone box.” The debate rages on whether you should keep or get rid of your iPhone box, with some users also sharing how to repurpose their iPhone boxes.

The discussion about the “iPhone box” spread on Twitter today after a user tweeted an explicit message informing everyone that they should get rid of their iPhone box. Since that tweet became so widespread, thousands of users have taken part in the debate, arguing over whether they should keep or get rid of old Apple boxes.

Many Apple fans love to keep boxes for all of their products, mainly because Apple cases have historically been of high quality and well-designed. This has changed quite a bit recently, as Apple is reducing the size of iPhone boxes by removing USB chargers.

Here’s the original tweet in question, which started it all:

I’m personally on the team to keep your iPhone – and all other Apple funds for that matter. For the iPhone specifically, the box can provide some helpful information on things like serial number and IMEI. Moreover, if you go to resell your iPhone on eBay or another platform, it is always a good idea to include the original box with the sale.

what about you? Are you on the team to keep or dispose of / recycle your iPhone boxes? Let us know in the poll below and explain in the comments!

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Outside of the actual debate, many users on Twitter also share photos of the clever ways in which they reuse their Apple boxes, from joystick controllers to Halloween decorations and more. Here are some of our favorites.

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