Resident Evil fans reap hope for classic PS1 title ports

Resident Evil fans reap hope for classic PS1 title ports


Capcom will host a Resident Evil Gallery Later this week, fans of the horror franchise just went and got their knickers on the prospect of taking the three classic PlayStation 1 games to modern consoles. It all stems from Countdown on the franchise’s Twitter account, Which started tagging every day in the run-up to the event taking a look at each headline. Well, all but Resident Evil 0. Thanks to some interesting differences between the original games and the videos that Capcom posted on Twitter, some fans think we’re on the verge of getting ports of the PS1 Originals from vampireAnd the Resident Evil 2And and Resident Evil 3: The Enemies.

Every post so far has focused on stock screens, and eagle-eyed Twitter users are learning about the changes between the games launched in the 1990s and what Capcom posts on her social media channel. For example, the video from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis below has a longer inventory section as well as the 25th Anniversary badge in the lower right corner.

Given the way Capcom started the countdown to the Resident Evil Showcase, supporters believed the developer might announce ports for the three classic games. They ran into some hurdles yesterday, as the countdown continued Resident Evil 4. The general line of thinking now is simply that Capcom is counting down the digital event by going back to every major release. It will correctly line up with a file Resident Evil Village It reveals this Thursday, after all. While this release will be great on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, we very much doubt it will actually pay off.

Would you also like to see this happen? Do let us know in the comments below.

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