The quick cling to Trump angered Pompeo diplomats, foreigners and locals

The quick cling to Trump angered Pompeo diplomats, foreigners and locals

“The slander reveals a misunderstanding of the banana republics and democracy in America,” wrote Mr. Pompeo.

he is too Tweet a picture From himself, he met the National Security Adviser, Robert C. O’Brien, and the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe. The message seemed clear: the Three Loyalists would not go anywhere until the end of the administration, and they had no intention of breaking ties with the president.

Senior leaders at Voice of America ordered the reassignment of a White House correspondent, Patsy Widakoswara, on Monday, hours later. I tried to pose questions to Mr. Pompeo During an appearance on the federally funded news channel, according to two people familiar with the events. Work was It was reported earlier by The Washington Post.

But it was not just Mr Pompeo’s ministry that sparked the protests. So did the Allies.

The minister, who was on his way to Belgium on Wednesday on a recent foreign trip, canceled a planned stopover in Luxembourg after its foreign minister, Jean Asselborn, described Mr Trump as a “criminal” and a “political freak”. In an interview To feed riots at the Capitol.

Even in Brussels, Pompeo’s trip promises to be embarrassing at best.

The US State Department said he is traveling to “reaffirm the deep and enduring partnership between the United States and Belgium and America’s steadfast support for NATO.”

But what most NATO allies will remember about the Trump presidency have been the president’s accidental threats to quit the alliance. Mr. Pompeo will meet with Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, who was on the day of the Capitol siege. He said on Twitter, “The outcome of these democratic elections must be respected.”

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Since becoming Secretary of State in April 2018, Pompeo has become Mr. Trump’s position The most steadfast and loyal national security abroad Official. Until Friday when he first met with Anthony J. Blinken, Biden’s choice As the next Secretary of State, Pompeo avoided directly discussing the election results.

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