TikTok is hosting a concert by Ratatouille's musical

TikTok is hosting a concert by Ratatouille’s musical

Ratatouille TikTok will be back for a Sunday night performance on the stage where it all began. TikTok hosts Another streaming music show that made its Internet debut on New Year’s Day, which has already raised over $ 1 million for an Actors Fund.

Musical Get together on TikTok Over the past few months, composers, fans, interior designers, costume designers and choreographers have created musical figures for the fictional “show” created around the 2007 Disney / Pixar animated film and then in December. Seaview Productions announced She was producing the show in collaboration with TikTok. Disney / Pixar gave its blessing, and the show attracted Broadway big names to perform songs collected by the audience.

Wayne Brady plays Django, Andrew Barth Feldman plays Linguini, Ashley Park almost steals the show as Colette, Andre De Shields plays Anton Ego, Adam Lambert is Emile, and Titus Burgess plays Remy, the rat who tastes fine. The 20-piece Broadway Symphonetta Orchestra provided the result.

The show attracted mostly strong opinions from theater critics. The New York times He called it “multi-layered silly delight” and Los Angeles Times He said it shows what the future of musical theater can look like.

The appearance will be broadcast live on TikTok at 8 p.m. ET, and viewers can donate to The Actors via an in-app donation poster, TikTok says.

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