Venezuelan opposition weakens as Biden prepares to take power

Venezuelan opposition weakens as Biden prepares to take power

When the Venezuelan regime takes over the presidency of the National Assembly on Tuesday, it will place US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó in its most dangerous position since he became the leader of the movement to oust authoritarian President Nicolas Maduro two years ago.

As for the current government, Mr. Guaidó will not be the president of Congress in Venezuela now that Maduro’s aides are about to swear an oath. To lead the 277 members of the National Assembly. Mr Guaidó’s position as president of the association gave the United States and more than 50 countries a justification for recognizing Mr Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Maduro has said publicly that his government is ready to engage with the United States, despite previous efforts to broker a dialogue have failed.

An official in President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team said he had no plans to negotiate with Mr Maduro, adding that he had no contacts with the Venezuelan regime.

“President-elect Biden has been clear throughout the campaign and during the transition period that he believes Maduro is a dictator and that the Biden administration will stand with the Venezuelan people and call for the restoration of democracy through free and fair elections,” the official said.

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